The midwifery department for pregnant women and puerperas with extragenital pathology is designed for 15 beds. The department carries out planned hospitalization of pregnant women with extragenital pathology in order to diagnose and treat complications of pregnancy, dynamic treatment and supervision of the puerperas with extragenital pathology.

The department with extragenital pathology provides highly specialized assistance to pregnant women, women in labor and puerperas received from the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Among them, pregnant women with severe pathology of the cardiovascular system, lungs, nervous system, endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, oncological pathology and others.

Specialists department provided full range of diagnostic possibilities Doppler study, cardiotocography, replace intrauterine transfusion in pregnant women with Rh-conflict pregnancy, an ultrasound survey of the - fetal screening and cordocentesis, ultrasound examination of the pregnant woman, clinical and laboratory examination, consultation of relevant disciplines from different scientific centers of the city Almaty.

In the postpartum period, work is continuously carried out on breastfeeding; Psychological support of puerperas with children in the second stage of nursing is provided.

The medical staff of the department of pregnant women and puerperas with extragenital pathology is, first of all, highly specialized specialists.

Contacts: 8 (727) 300 45 42