The main activity of the department is rendering highly specialized and specialized assistance to pregnant women in the Republic of Kazakhstan: diagnosis, prevention and treatment of obstetric complications aimed at perinatal fetal protection in pregnant women at high risk with obstetric and extragenital pathology.

Medical and diagnostic assistance is provided according to the standards and protocols for diagnosis and treatment of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 In the work of the department, all scientific developments of the Center have been introduced, which allow providing highly specialized care to pregnant women.

The department is equipped with modern medicines in full.
All pregnant women in the presence of evidence are consulted and examined by related specialists.

For the condition of pregnant women watch around the clock qualified doctors and nurses.

All pregnant women are observed by a physician as a therapist.
In the department pregnant are provided with qualified psychological help and support (psychologist) and psychoprophylactic preparations for childbirth, breastfeeding classes are conducted.

Medical-diagnostic help in the department is provided by 3 doctors, 12 midwives, 9 employees of junior medical personnel.

Visits of relatives are allowed daily from 17 hours to 19 hours.

Walking on the territory of the Center - every day in clear weather from 17 hours to 19 hours.

Contacts: 8 (727) 300 45 24, 300 45 26