The department employs highly qualified doctors trained in leading clinics (Japan, Russia, Hungary, the United States, Egypt,) and the average medical staff: 3 honey. Sisters with the highest category, 1 - have 1 category and 1 - have a second category.

The department is designed for 15 beds, two-bed rooms with all amenities, equipped with modern functional beds. All rooms are equipped with TVs and individual individual toilets.

The main areas of therapeutic, operational activities of the department of operative gynecology are planned surgical interventions for various pathologies of the pelvic organs mainly laparoscopic access.

I. Operations on the appendages of the uterus and infertility:

    Chromosalpingoscopy - checking the patency of the fallopian tubes.
Neosalpingostomy - restoration of patency of the fallopian tubes.
Removal of adhesions of the pelvic organs.
Operations for scleropolyakistosis of the ovaries - eukauterization or incisions on the ovaries.
Ovarian biopsy

II. Surgery on the appendages of the uterus:

    Removal of cysts - cysts of the ovaries, paratubar cysts and parovarial cysts.

III. Operations on the uterus:

    Conservative myomectomy or removal of myomatous nodes (at any size and different localization of myomatous nodes)
Laparoscopic amputation of the uterus.
Laparoscopic extirpation of the uterus.

Laparoscopic extirpation of the uterus in conjunction with the operation of Birch, sakrovaginopeksiey.

 IV. Operations in severe forms of endometriosis

    Laparoscopic coagulation and removal of foci of endometriosis.
Removal of foci of endometriosis.

V. Operations with omission and prolapse of genitals and urinary incontinence:

    Traditional anterior plastic, posterior plastic with levatoroplasty, middle colporrafia.
Plastic surgery of the anterior and posterior vaginal walls using mesh prostheses.

VI. Minimally invasive technologies in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of intrauterine pathology:

    Hysteroresection (with the help of bipolar hysteroresectoscope) polyps, myomatous nodes, intrauterine partitions, synechia.
Correction of the uterine factor of infertility (dissection of intrauterine synechiae and septums).
Ablation of the endometrium.

VII. Surgical correction of malformations of genital organs.

Elimination of atresia or stricture of the vagina

VIII. Gynecology of children and adolescents.

IX. Oncogynecology.

Laparoscopic radical hysterectomy

Hospitalization in the department is carried out by the local doctor by code through the portal (hospitalization bureau).