"All employees of obstetric and gynecological hospitals must follow the principles of deontology. The success of the work largely depends on the coherence of the actions, the correct understanding of the relationship between the doctor - the average staff - the junior staff, the doctor - the doctor, from mutual assistance and mutual assistance, "the speaker emphasized: Natalia Merzlyakova, a nurse of the Infection Control Department, in her presentation at the seminar with a report on Theme: "Modern rules of ethics and deontology", which was held on the basis of the Scientific Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology.


Aspects of medical deontology are: the relationship of medical workers with patients; The relationship of medical workers with the relatives of the patient; Mutual relations of medical workers among themselves.

The ethical code gives clear moral guidelines for the professional activities of the nurse, is designed to promote consolidation, increase the prestige and authority of the nursing profession in society, and the development of nursing in Kazakhstan.

In addition, in this event, a midwife of the department for pregnant women with obstetric and extragenital pathology Zarina Tairova presented a slide on the topic: "Features of preparing pregnant women with vices for cesarean section."

The operation of cesarean section is one of the most discussed problems of modern obstetrics. Currently, as a result of the influence of a number of unfavorable environmental factors, as well as changes in the motivation of socioeconomic conditions, the number of women with genital and extragenital pathology, age-related primipara, has sharply increased, and a steady increase in the number of surgical deliveries has been observed.

"The work of the midwife requires a clear understanding of the features of the indications, contraindications, complications and rules of preparation for cesarean section. The outcome of many operations, including cesarean section, directly depends on the preparation of the patient. This preparation concerns both psychological, physiological, and purely sanitary measures, "noted the speaker Zarina Tairov.

In modern conditions for care of a sick feldsher, midwife, nurse must master more and more complex scientific, as well as technical knowledge and skills. In this regard, the qualification of average health workers and the rational organization of their activities at a higher professional level become especially important.

37 medium-sized medical personnel attended the seminar.