In the maternity department of the Scientific Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology provide the full range of obstetric care using the latest perinatal technologies. In the maternity ward more than 3 thousand births per year are spent.

The help is rendered round the clock by a team of highly qualified doctors, including obstetrician-gynecologists, anaesthesiologists, neonatologists, who have all kinds of emergency assistance.

Childbirth is conducted in individual delivery rooms, where the woman in childbirth is under the continuous supervision of a doctor and a midwife. Welcome the presence of a loved one during childbirth. In childbirth, monitoring of the condition of the mother and fetus is carried out. The maternity ward is equipped with modern equipment: an ultrasound device, infusomats, a system for the supply of medical gases.
For each woman, disposable, sterile sets of laundry are used.

How to get to us

Contact the reception by phone:

(+7 727) 300 45 67

(+7 727) 300 45 64
Time for visiting women in childbirth is from 17 to 19:00.

What to bring with you

- identification
- exchange card
- insurance policy, if any
- notebook, pen
- warm clothes (in the cold period)
- elastic bandage for feet or special stockings
- hygienic supplies
- Underwear
- slippers
- bathrobe
- diapers