Admission Office

Receiving rest is the first structural subdivision of the maternity hospital, with which women who come to us are introduced. It is here that the documents are issued, the collection of basic information and a primary inspection.

The Scientific Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology provides highly specialized obstetric and gynecological care to pregnant, gynecological patients

Phones for calls to the reception room 387-08-83.

The admissions department works in close cooperation with all clinical units and laboratory services, as it accepts and hospitalizes all pregnant and gynecological patients sent to the Center and for emergency indications.

Provision of planned and emergency obstetric and gynecological care in the admission department is carried out by qualified doctors of the scientific center who will provide you with the necessary specialized medical care in any situation – from simple consultation to conditions that threaten the health and life of a woman and her future child.

If necessary, in emergency situations we will be able to provide hospitalization.

Patients entering the obstetric ward should have:

  • Legal documents (passport, for immigrants residence permit);
  • Referral from a consultative polyclinic or from a women’s consultation of cities and regions to a pregnant card with a photocopy of medical documents confirming the presence of pathology or deviations from the physiological course of pregnancy;
  • Personal things:
    – a bathrobe or other variant of home clothes;
    – washable slippers;
    – night shirt (for those entering the delivery with a special cut for feeding the child;
    – 2 bras from natural fabrics);
    Compression linen according to size;
  • For a newborn: 2-3 pajamas with sewn sleeves, 2-3 hats, socks;
  • Personal hygiene items (including a si

  • ngle shaving machine and postnatal pads)