Ethical rules of medical organization and patient care

In the profession of medicine, sensitivity, humanity acquires a highly appropriate character, a high and multifaceted degree of moral responsibility, it is these qualities that the physician should be especially developed. Physicians have to make decisions that relate to life, health, patients’ rights, and therefore the principles of morality occupy a special place in medicine. Moral responsibility implies compliance with all principles of medical ethics, which includes: mercy, justice and the fullness of medical care

Medical employees carry out their activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, guided by the principles of medical ethics and deontology.


Satisfaction of patient needs, by consistently improving the quality of medical care
To provide qualified accessible medical care on the basis of standards and innovative technologies in diagnosis, treatment, prevention
Ensuring the employment of the personnel of the organization, its satisfaction with its work and payment of labor
Improving the health of citizens of Kazakhstan and the formation of a competitive health system

Our goal:

To increase the effectiveness of diagnostics, treatment, prevention and quality of medical care
Formation of competitive personnel potential, having high professionalism, high professional honor, observing all ethical norms and values.

Our principles:

Legality and decency of activities – we act within the framework of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the health of the people and the health care system”, the State Program “Salamatty Kazakhstan”, as part of the overall strategy for the modernization and development of public health.

Caring for the patient – we observe continuity in the examination and treatment of patients, provide an individual and integrated approach, take care of human health.

Technological – modern equipment, we use the advanced achievements of science and technology, effective methods of treatment to ensure a guaranteed quality of treatment.

Continuous professional development of employees – the quality of medical care depends on the professionalism of each employee. Each employee should be interested in the successful development of the Center, linking their personal success with the success of our common cause.

Corporateism – we develop corporate culture, ethics, deontology, which stimulate collective creativity, promote mutual trust and respect between members of the team, between specialists and patients.

Leadership – we develop and encourage leadership, as it is a criterion for regular growth and improvement of service in all areas of its activities.

Our values:

Respect for the rights of the patient
A responsibility