Patient Support and Internal Audit Service

The center has a patient support service and internal quality control of medical services.

The main objective of the unit is to monitor the quality of care, according to approved protocols for diagnosis and treatment.

Experts of the Center, independent experts accredited by the Ministry of Health of the RK, specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, neonatology, genetics, reproductologist, functional diagnostics doctor, ultrasound diagnostics, laboratory studies, epidemiologist and pathomorphologist conduct expert evaluation of the quality of medical services.

The expertise assesses the technologies for providing health services for compliance with health standards, assesses the security and effectiveness of using human and material resources, analyzes appeals and patient satisfaction with the quality of medical services provided, by questioning patients or their relatives, and monitors compliance with patients’ rights to receive guaranteed medical aid and informing patients about pro widely regarded as one intervention.

The results of expert opinions are reported at medical conferences, hospital commissions and meetings of the Center staff with the adoption of management decisions.