The Consultative and Diagnostic Department provides highly qualified consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic outpatient care to women, pregnant women, men on infertility problems, children and adolescents.

Consultations are conducted by doctors of medical sciences, candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest qualification category on the issues of habitual miscarriage, cervical pathology, endocrine disorders, medical genetic counseling.

The polyclinic is conducted by doctors in the following specialties:

– Obstetrician-gynecologist;

– gynecologist-endocrinologist;

– neonatologist;

– geneticist;

– functional diagnostics

On the basis of the polyclinic there is a day hospital. In a day hospital, pregnant women and patients with gynecological diseases receive treatment. If necessary in-patient treatment, the doctor offers hospitalization. Small surgical interventions are conducted in a day hospital, which allows the patient to get a quality and full diagnostic examination and treatment in situations where no hospitalization is required for a full day.

The schedule of work of a polyclinic:

Monday to Friday: from 8-30 to 16-30


Reception – 300-45-71

Recording on ultrasound – 300-45-84

Reception desk – 300-45-75